Sonic teams up with Oklahoma City based brand COOP Aleworks to release two great variety packs with all your favorites!!

Alicia Kelso; Forbes – 3/10/2021 …The hard seltzers were created in partnership with fellow Oklahoma City-based brand, COOP Ale Works, and have 5% alcohol volume. During the media call, Sean Mossman, COOP’s director of sales and marketing, said he thinks this platform is
“going to be huge,” as it leverages Sonic’s signature beverages like Cherry Limeade and Original Limeade. Available flavors also include Ocean Water, Orange Pineapple, Mango Guava, Melon Medley, Classic Lemonade and Lemony Berry. COOP will handle the initial production of the hard seltzer product and gauge what the market opportunity is from there.
“We are close in Oklahoma City and longtime friends of Sonic personally at the brewery. At some point the idea came to us to reach out to Sonic to collaborate. It was an easy conversation and the buy-in at all levels was quick,” Mossman said. “These are looking at Sonic’s iconic flavors in a whole new way in a hard seltzer format. We have high hopes and expectations and we’re confident it’s going to be a major player in the hard seltzer space.”

That space, by the way, is huge and growing. Research from T4 finds that the U.S. hard seltzer market was $1.8 billion in 2020 and expected to grow a staggering 35% in 2021.
According to Abou Habib, this isn’t the first time Sonic has been approached for an adult beverage collaboration, but the timing was never right until now.

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